ACES Service Plaform

ACES Services create and excute Service Contracts, which can be anything from uploading a file to a storage blockchain, performing value transfers, creating smart contracts, executing code on blockchain based computing platforms, or interacting with IoT hardware.

API Specification

The Service API provides a way to define blockchain interoperability services and exposes them over a simple REST-ful API as microservices. The API allows service consumers to create Service contracts, pay for contracts, get results of contract executions.

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API Docs

The ACES Service API documentation guides developers though implementing the necessary endponts and interactions defined by the API.

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ACES Service Features


Microservices is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services, which implement business capabilities.


Service providers register with the marketplace and fully control execution of code and data.


Service providers can implement fees for service contract execution to fund development and operational costs.

Service Composition Chains

Use functional composition to chain ACES Services together. This allows users to combine services "A -> B" and "B -> C" to create a dynamic service "A -> C".