Frequently Asked Questions

ARK Contract Execution Services (ACES) provides simple protocols and tools for building a robust blockchain service marketplace.

One of the flaws of certain private coins is that amounts of transfers are known. Studies have shown that knowing the amounts makes it possible to determine who sent what, regardless of if the new address is newly created. A privacy service would have to have more layers than simply ark -> privacy coin -> Ark or it would still be obvious where your coins came from.
We will build both backend and frontend infrastructure. The goal for ACES has always been for these services to be hosted by the community, much like running a node. We don't want a single point of failure and we hope to create an ecosystem of micro services that are provided by a collective of thousands of people across the globe.
It is possible. The wallet is compatible with web technologies which is how we’re building the marketplace. We don’t have any current plans to integrate it into the wallet but I imagine if ACES is successful enough we will explore that option some time after the release of the marketplace.
Yes. Because transactions are real, verifiable transactions on each blockchain, a transaction fee is paid on each chain.