A blockchain interoperability platform for a new world.

We are building a developer friendly blockchain interoperability platform to unleash the full potential of the crypto revolution.

Blockchain Interoperability Platform

ARK Contract Execution Services (ACES) provides simple protocols and tools for building a robust blockchain service marketplace.

ACES Listeners

ACES Listeners provide a way for all the different blockchain transaction events to be easily consumed via a common REST-ful API. The API allows consumers to create subscriptions and receive blockchain events in real-time using Webhook callbacks.

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ACES Services

ACES Services create and execute Service Contracts that can be programmed to perform actions such as value transfers, uploading files to storage blockchains, creating smart contracts, executing code on blockchain-based computing platforms, or interacting with IoT hardware.

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ACES Marketplace Console

The ACES Marketplace Console is a consumer dashboard for searching and executing service contracts listed on the Marketplace. ACES Service providers can list their service nodes using the Marketplace API.

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Platform Features

Open Source

Everything on the ACES platform is open source and uses a permissive free software license (MIT).


The ACES platform uses simple REST-ful APIs for easy integration.


A marketplace platform that allows users to consume blockchain services offered by a decentralized collection of service providers.

Service Composition

Use functional composition to chain ACES Services together.


The ACES platform provides an open fee model that allows service providers to compete in a free market.

Programming Languages

Built using light-weight microservices that are easy for providers to implement in different programming languages and frameworks.

ACES Marketplace Console

The ACES Marketplace Console provides a simple web interface for tapping into available ACES Services listed on the public marketplace directory. An integrated payment wallet allows service contracts to be executed and payed for directly though the Marketplace Console.

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"The future will be driven by many thousands of product specific blockchains. It is going to be exceedingly frustrating to consumers if we don’t do something about disconnected blockchains soon, because the technologies are coming around the corner at blazing speeds."

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